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Mylar and Acetate Material
Heat up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit

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Apollo DesignScapes are printed on polyester film that's a mix between Mylar and Acetate Material, which can withstand heat up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.
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The Right Lighting Lifts Spirits!

Lighting is serious business, but it doesn’t need to be boring. A fluorescent-flooded room contributes to blue moods and erodes efficiency. Drab colors and harsh, artificial light in workspaces has an impact on productivity. *

How can you make a quick, cost-effective change? That’s easy. Start with the fluorescent ceiling lights. You needn’t replace them. Simply enhance their ambient effect and your well-being. You can affordably transform any fluorescent-lit room into a warmer, welcoming environment with DesignScapes®.

Reduce Headaches Caused by Eyestrain with DesignScapes®

DesignScapes® are now available in over 500 standard options! Choose from Standard Scenics and Custom DesignScapes®. Reduce fluorescent light glare and flicker with DesignScapes® light covers. Office Workers seeking migraine relief have found it here!

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Is Beautiful, Budget-Friendly

DesignScapes® are decorative inserts that fit standard fluorescent light fixture covers. Choose from more than 175 scenic designs: from “faux skylight” azure skies filled with billowy clouds to cool, leafy glades in sun-dappled forests, from a vast aquarium teeming with exotic sea life to constellations at play in starry heavens and many more.

Competitively priced at only $31.90 (2' x 4') each – or $21.45 (2' x 2') each – with free shipping on all orders over $99, DesignScapes® offer an attractive, economical way to soften the glare of fluorescent light.

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