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A few words about us

Enliven your space with DesignScapes and enjoy the same experience we have.

DesignScapes® decorative light diffuser inserts fit most standard fluorescent fixtures. Proudly made in the U.S.A., they provide an easy, affordable way to brighten moods, enhance productivity and reduce stress in nearly any indoor setting: waiting rooms, doctors’ offices, hospitals, offices, schools, daycares, libraries – anywhere you find fluorescent lights.

We know because we’ve turned our fluorescent-lit office into a far friendlier working environment with DesignScapes®. Not that we had an unattractive office. Our team of designers, engineers, craftsmen and administration pulse with problem-solving energy and our workspaces are comfy and lively. The lighting, however, was the same garish glare that bathes office dwellers everywhere in unflattering hues.

DesignScapes® inserts changed all that. Everybody looks better, for one thing. The least flattering light for your face is the blueish glare of an older fluorescent fixture. Newer fixtures emphasize the yellow in your skin tone, which not only dulls your appearance but even makes you look a little ill. So not only do our workspaces now swim with clouds and salt-water fish and such, we’re a more glamourous group, too!

Enliven your space with DesignScapes® and enjoy the same experience we have. For direct service, call us at 260.497.1237 or email us via our Contact Form. You’ll reach helpful, knowledgeable folks who genuinely love their jobs and want to come to work, in no small part, because of the lighting!

DesignScapes® are a part of Apollo Design®. For nearly a quarter of a century, we have been one of the world’s leading innovators, manufacturers and distributors of gobos, fixtures, color filters and related equipment and accessories for the lighting profession.


We mix and match at our daycare center. Somedays we’re in the ocean somedays we’re up in the air. The kids love it, and so do we!

- J. Yoder

Every patient who sits in our dentist’s chair looks up and smiles. That says it all!

- K. Snyder

Our conference rooms have been given a complete makeover, all because of the lights.

- D. Smith

People are actually using the breakroom now. Nobody wanted to before. I know I didn’t!

- G. Knouse

Our lobby is like a cool, green forest. People still mind waiting, but they mind it less.

- L. Noel

Study hall is now ‘the aquarium room,’ and a lot less boring for me and the kids!

- B. Bickel