01. How do I Install a DesignScape®?
  • Open the tabs on your fluorescent light to unlock the frame. This may require a screwdriver
  • Gently lower the frame. It is hinged to the opposite side and should swing downward.
  • Place your new Apollo DesignScape®, on top of the plastic diffuser cover. Make sure it is flat. Do not remove the diffuser panel. If the DesignScape® is too large, simply trim to size with scissors or a utility knife.
  • Gently raise the frame and lock the tabs. Enjoy.

View our DesignScapes® Easy Install Guide that details a walkthrough of the installation process, download a Pictorial Installation Instructions pdf.

02. Can a DesignScape® be removed after installation?

Yes. DesignScapes® are not attached to the diffuser or light fixture and can be removed at any time.

03. Will I see the texture of the diffuser in my DesignScapes®?

The printed design is viewed through the diffuser in your fluorescent light. If your diffuser is textured, you will see the texture in the printed design.

04. Are special light bulbs needed for Designscapes®?

DesignScapes® look the best and brightest when using true white bulbs. We suggest using Full Spectrum or Daylight bulbs with a 5000° Kelvin (a color temperature close to white). These bulbs can be purchased online or at your local store.

Please note: if you are using bulbs with a color temperature below 5000° K, the design will have a yellow cast and may appear dull. If the bulb is above 5000° K, you may notice a blue cast to the design.

05. What sizes are available for DesignScapes®?

DesignScapes® are sized to fit a standard 2’ x 4’ (22 3/8" x 46 1/2") standard fluorescent fixture with a hinged door. Newer fluorescent fixtures are slightly smaller, 22 5/8” x 46 3/4”, and the Designscape® must be trimmed to fit.

Additional sizes are available as a special order; 2’ x 2’ (22 3/8" x 22 3/8"), 1’ x 2’ (10 1/2 x 22 3/8") and 1’ x 4’ (10 1/2 x 46 1/2”) standard fixtures. We can also produce most custom sizes.

06. Does a DesignScape® replace the plastic cover on the light fixture (diffuser)?

No. DesignScapes® are inserts that lay on the top of the diffuser.

07. What material is used to make DesignScapes®?

Our material is safe for all schools, businesses, hospitals, homes, wellness facilities and more. Download the film MSDS data sheets and view the ink MSDS data sheets for more information.

08. Do the DesignScapes® cut down on the amount of light?

DesignScapes® eliminate the harsh glare of fluorescent lighting. At first, it might seem slightly darker but you will notice an improvement in the quality and effectiveness of the light. Certain designs reduce the amount of light more than others. The darker the design, the darker the room. If you are concerned about a room being too dark, place the DesignScapes® in just a few fixtures.

09. Will the DesignScape® picture fade?

DesignScapes® are printed with long-lasting inks on high-quality UV resistant film and will remain bright and vibrant for years.

10. Do you offer custom design services for DesignScapes®?

Yes, we would be glad to help you with a custom design. We offer two options:

  • Customer provided photos/artwork - $20 per design art charge. Your custom DesignScape® will ship within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.
  • Graphic design services - $65 per hour with 1st proof at no charge; 2nd proof is $25. Your DesignScape® will ship within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, after we receive your approval of the proof.

We will create DesignScapes® using copyrighted photos/artwork if a Copyright Permission Release is completed and emailed to customer.care@apollodesignscapes.com.

11. Are there any limitations on the artwork for custom designs?

Yes. We reserve the right to reject any artwork deemed offensive or inappropriate.

Copyrighted Artwork
Copyrighted photos/artwork require a Copyright Permission Release to be completed and emailed to customer.care@apollodesignscapes.com before we will create your DesignScapes®.

12. Will you accept copyrighted photos/artwork for DesignScapes®?

Yes. We will create DesignScapes® using copyrighted photos/artwork if a Copyright Permission Release is completed and emailed to customer.care@apollodesignscapes.com.

13. What are the artwork specifications for DesignScapes®?

We can create your Designscape® from a wide variety of file types. However, the higher the quality of art, the better the Designscape™.

  • DPI: 300 DPI resolution or higher
  • File Types:
    Preferred: .jpg
    Accepted via email to customer.care@apollodesignscapes.com: .ai, .eps, .pdf, .psd or .tif files
    Not Accepted: .bmp, .cdr, .doc, .dxf, .dwg, .gif or .png files

14. Can I use the color white in a custom DesignScapes®?

DesignScapes® are transparent. The color of the light bulb shines through the design. The white color in a design is not white ink. It is the white light from the bulb shining through. If a green bulb is used, the white in the design will appear green. The rest of the design will be effected also.

15. What happens if my custom DesignScape® doesn’t fill the entire space?

If your custom design can’t be cropped to fill the entire 2’x4’ area. We will fade / feather the design to the edges. The edges will be transparent. The light bulb will shine though, making the design look like it has a white border.


Fade/Feather Example

Fade/Feather Example

16. What is the return policy on DesignScapes®?

DesignScapes® are made to order and are NOT returnable.

17. What is the turn-around time for DesignScapes®?

Standard DesignScapes® and customer designs (when you provide the artwork), ship within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. Custom designs (when Apollo creates new artwork) ships within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, after approval of the proof. Expedited services are available. Please contact marketing@apollodesignscapes.com to discuss possible options.

Please note: Each DesignScape® is made to order. Large quantities may require additional time.


18. What if my DesignScapes® order is damaged during shipping?

If your DesignScapes® are damaged during shipping, send an email to customer.care@apollodesignscapes.com describing the damage along with photos of the damaged product and/or packaging. We will contact you to discuss the replacement process. Please save the damaged DesignScapes® along with the original box/packaging. It may be required by UPS / FedEx.

It’s very important to open the box and check the contents within 7 business days of receipt. Damage claims over 2 weeks following delivery may not be honored.

19. Color on computer monitors vary

Please note: Every computer monitor renders color differently. The color you see on your screen and the actual product may slightly differ.

20. Can I become a distributor?

If you would like to discuss a distributorship, please contact us.

21. What if my DesignScapes® order qualifies as Tax Exempt?

DesignScapes® orders mailed to Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Ohio, and Wisconsin are subject to sales tax. Other states are not charged a sales tax unless the order is drop-shipped to the listed states.

If your package delivers to Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Ohio, or Wisconsin, please email marketing@apollodesignscapes.com and include your:

  1. Tax Exempt Form
  2. Order Information Including Items and Quantities Desired
  3. Name, Title and Telephone Number of Person Placing Order
  4. Name of Person or Organization Responsible for Payment
  5. Billing Address
  6. Shipping Address

A representative of DesignScapes® will be in touch with you soon to obtain your credit card information, or you may contact us at (260) 497-1237, x410.

22. How to install Apollo GelWrap™?

For GelWrap™ sizes T5 & T8:

  • Step 1: Unfold the GelWrap ™ . There are four panels of similar width.
  • Step 2: Leave fluorescent tubes in fixture. Slide the GelWrap ™ under the fluorescent tube until the panels overlap.
  • Step 3: Rotate the installed GelWrap ™ so the double panel is on the top of the fluorescent tube.

For GelWrap™ size T12 follow the install guide that can be downloaded here or go to our GelWrap™ Intallation page found here.

23. What markers can I use on Color Me DesignScapes®?

Here are the results of our tests on Color Me DesignScapes®

Color Me DesignScapes® Marker List

Water-based pens work best. We do NOT recommend alcohol, dye-based ink markers.

Crayola Marker   X Smaller tip. Better for fine details.
Crayola Color Wonder   X NIce wide tip.
Crayol Markers X   Nice wide tip, good coverage.
Crayola® Metallic Markers X   Smaller tip. Better for details. A little streaky in large areas.
Crayola® Super Tips Washable Markers X    
Cra-Z-Art® Super Tips X   Wide tip. Easy to fill in large areas.
Cra-Z-Art® Super Washable Markers X   Nice wide tip.
Dry Erase Markers X   A little streaky, but they work.
Flipcheck X    
Generic Highlighters X   Not very opaque.
LePlume II™ X   Nice brush tip.
Papermate® Flair® X   Smaller tip. Better for fine details.
Prismacolor®   X Takes up the ink on the DesignScapes®. It’s an alcohol, dye-based ink.
Sharpie® Permanent Markers X    
Stampin’ Up!® Stampin Write™ X   Nice brush tip.
Tombows X   Works great. Very nice markers.
Zebra® Mildliner Highlighters   X Very streaky.